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Address 14 Scotts Road, #04-55 Singapore 228213, Size 330 sqf, in front of escalator, busy walkway and bridge.

This shopping mall was completed and opened in 1982. The shopping mall is the epicenter of youth fashion and has become the place for fashion startups in Singapore. It is located in Orchard Road tourist and shopping zone with over 1000 retail shops and F&B shops, in addition to hotels, cinemas and other attractions.

The lower floors are filled with fashion, with the upper floors with tattoo parlors, barbers and hairdressors.

It is surrounded by several well known hotels, such as the
The 5 Star Goodwood Park Hotel
The prestigious Elizabeth Hotel
The family oriented York Hotel
The 6 star Luxury Business Hotel Grand Hyatt Hotel
The Global Chain of Hotels, Singapore Marriot

This shop is situated on the 4th floor next to the escalator, next to bridge which connect Far East Plaza to the
Holiday Inn Hotel in Singapore.

What Floor is this unit on ?

This unit is at #04-55, which has a constant stream of traffic.
below is a series of videos which show the location of the shop.


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